Well it actually seems like a *very* long time since I posted anything here and that is mainly because it is. I decided that I needed to post more, not only about family, life etc but also about what interests me.

Before I started boring the world endlessly I think I better explain two things.

  1. Why I’ve updated the blogging engine
  2. What I’ve been doing instead of doing this

Well in answer to number 1, it’s because I wanted to. I used to use b2evolution as the blogging engine and whist it is a good blogging engine I was putting the upgrade off through fear of complexity. So I thought I would give the latest and greatest WordPress a run. I’ve copied over the posts manually and set the dates so everything looks the same as before. I like WordPress, the interface is cleaner and the resulting blog looks better.

As for number 2, I’ve been working on three sites. Gameification.com, F1Rogues.com and Greenermachine.com. I’ve been experimenting with funky AJAX, PHP, XML-RPC, SOAP, TCL and all manner of other geeky things. Additionally I’ve being doing some whitehat SEO work for these sites. That is a whole load of posts by itself, suffice to say it is interesting and fun to play with.

After all those reasons I’ve also been doing the usual family type activities as well as doing research on the Family Tree. More of that will come later when I’ve made some sense of it all.